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The Roots of 4F

Reach back into the very first versions of a game put out by the United States Army…a free game called “Americas Army” (AA).  The members of 4F met there playing in different clans, but, all had many things in common and have tried to keep those ideas alive.  The original members shared similar values and came up with the name “4F”.  The four “Fs” are FAMILY, FRIENDS, FREEDOM & FUN.  

As Americas Army abandoned its version 2.X and went to 3.X, many of us were entirely disillusioned with the “new” game.  Its graphics were poor, its glitches were many and we began to look for another game that featured the same, team oriented, play.  The Battlefield series of games were the closest we found to the feel and realism of AA.  We began with Battlefield 2: Bad Company and then Battlefield 3.  As the launch of Battlefield 4 approached, many of the clan migrated back to Americas Army Proving Grounds Beta to “give it a whirl” And, we’ve come back home.  

We have now put up a 4F Game Server.  Our vision for this game server is that ¼ of all donations will go to the “USO” in support of our troops around the world.  Americas Army Proving Grounds is our predominant game, but, many members play other games as well occasionally, Battlefield, Left for Dead 2, Planetside 2 among them.

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