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Speak English on Team Speak.

Children 12 years of age and under MUST have an asterisk (*) before and after their names.  In this way, members and guests can be reminded that there is a very impressionable minor playing and tighten up their behavior past our standard guidelines to reflect an appropriate atmosphere for the minors.

Non Members using our forums may air grievances on our forums, but only in a mature, respectful way.  If the forum thread degrades, it will be locked and you (non member) may be banned from the forum.  

Members are NEVER to air grievances in the forums.   We insist that you take the member with whom you have a grievance to the private channel in Team Speak and work out your differences like adults.  The written word is a TERRIBLE way to communicate emotionally charged information.  Additionally, it draws others in where they do not belong on a forum thread.

As mentioned in another “ABOUT” section, never depart from 4F membership with a post.  Be an adult, and come address us personally.  It’s the mature, polite thing to do.

Non Members 18 and older are encouraged to come on Teams Speak and work out their differences.

   A final note about joining 4F is this…join us on Team Speak.  You’ll find this information on the main page of our website (or below). The password for our Team Speak server is family4f.  Spend some time with us.  Make sure you’re comfortable.  There’s no rush.  Have fun!

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