4F Members, Values & Vision

Values & Vision

 4F Members, Values & Vision

Our members range in age from our children, college age up into men in their 60s.  4F stands for Family, Friends, Freedom and Fun and at our beginning and continuing to this day, we look for men and women who will be role models for the children of our members as they play.  The internet is all at once a wonderful and terrible place for our children.  But, we’ve found that many families game together these days.  Members of 4F watch out for the children of other members while online.  We’ll inquire if homework is done.  We’ll monitor their behavior to see that it is in keeping with our conservative values.  For instance, the idea of respect for your elders is stressed in 4F.  Any adult who has spent time online gaming is constantly confronted with petulant children, hiding behind the anonymity the internet affords them, challenging adults, insulting adults and disrespecting adults.  One huge downside to the internet is this anonymity allows these children to act in disrespectful ways to adults unpunished.  This is not good for a child and it is our firm belief that many parents don’t even know that their children, hidden away in their bedrooms upstairs, are acting in such a way.  At 4F, our children do not act this way.  Also, we do not allow the use of the word F*** nor do we allow using the Lord’s name in vain on our Team Speak or in  VOIP and chat in our gaming server.  We’ve found in just policing these two areas, children (and adults) clean up more of their “unseemly” vocabulary all by themselves.  If you “slip” and unseemly language comes out of your mouth on Team Speak, a 4F member will simply say “Darn”.  This is a polite way for you to be reminded and if a guest is on Team Speak, you’ll not be embarrassed by someone outright correcting you.

4F was envisioned, and still remains a cyber-neighborhood, where your children are safe and  your neighbors watch out for them when you’re not watching.

As mentioned earlier, we are predominantly conservative Christians.  We do not push our beliefs on others, but we freely discuss with each other current events, our dislike of liberal politics and policies, our love of the Constitution, our Country, our rights given by God and enshrined by the Founding Fathers in the Bill of Rights and we ask for prayer from each other during times of trial in our lives.  But, if you are of another faith, and are not offended by people simply talking about their own to each other, then you are in a safe place.  If you are offended by Conservatives, Libertarians and/or Republicans strongly expressing their viewpoints or Christians asking each other for prayer, you’re in the wrong place.

We enjoy team play.  Working together to obtain a goal and win in-game is as fun to many of us as was sports when we were young.  We laugh, poke fun at each other and have remained close…some of us for over a decade.  We are closely aligned with many other clans with similar outlooks on life and gameplay.  

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