4F Recruitment

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4F Recruitment

We are always looking for likeminded people.  We don’t have a lot of rules  to weigh a member down:

1.       One clan at a time.  Please be in 4F and 4F alone.  If you’d like to leave 4F, that’s fine.  Be mature enough to talk to us before doing so.  Please don’t “post” it on our website and leave.  That, in our minds, is also cowardly and immature behavior.

2.       Don't Cheat, Don’t Ghost and Watch your language Period --Our kids play here.

    Any member can bring in another member as long as that member reads, the entire About Section, or is told by a sponsoring member, the Values, Rules & Morals of 4F and agrees to abide by them.

       Use common sense.  Use your head.

3.       You must be 18 years of age or older to join unless related to a 4F member and “brought in” by that member.  That member is then responsible to see that the minor acts older than he/she is.

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